Hi, my name is Daniel Hemus and I run a Construction Company called Goldline Construction.

We provide Auckland property owners with a complete Custom Minor Dwelling Design & Build Solution. We do this through our unique ability to listen, understand our client, and achieve the desired outcome so our clients can have their Custom Minor Dwelling built just the way they want it and to a high standard.

I have recently put together an e-book called 7 Things You Must Know Before Building A Minor Dwelling.

I have written this e-book because I’ve seen too many homeowners get caught out and either go considerably over budget or get stuck not being able to complete their building project.

I want to help people get educated around building so that they don’t make the same mistakes these poor people have.

To get this FREE e-book all you need to do is fill in the form below with your email address and name and I will email you a copy straight away (please note that we will never sell or share your contact details with a third party).

As well as receiving this FREE e-book, from time-to-time I will also send you some valuable information around building so you can be well informed.

By downloading our FREE e-book you’ll discover…

  • What some Architects secretly plan and why
  • What Show-Homes are really designed to make you do
  • How some building companies deceitfully price their quotes
  • How to avoid being left exposed with finance and payment terms
  • Some shocking habits that a bunch of tradies have
  • How to avoid losing all your money if your builder goes bust
  • The red tape required for Code Completion Certificate (CCC)

In order to avoid wasting tens-of-thousands of dollars when building your new dwelling, fill in the form and download our FREE e-book NOW!

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