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Make Your Small Home Real with a Builder in North Auckland

Finding the right spot for your small home on the real estate market can be a mission, but the right builder in North Auckland could be just a phone call away. At Goldline Construction, we pride ourselves on helping our customers take the dream home ideas they have in their heads and bring them to fruition. Our slogan is ‘Nailing home your dreams,’ and that mission to create your perfect dream small home is our main focus.

What You Can Expect from Goldline Construction as Your North Auckland Builder

When you engage Goldline Construction as your North Auckland builder, here’s what to expect from the process

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  • Two processes from which to choose. The first is a design-and-build process; the second is a ‘build from existing plans’ approach. If you have some idea of what your small home should look like but haven’t put any concrete designs or plans down on paper yet, you’ll choose the first option. If you have worked with an architect on a design already, we can give you a price on what it will cost to build the design.
  • You’ll fill out a questionnaire. With any new project, we ask that clients fill out our Dream Home Questionnaire. This important resource tells us a lot about where you are with your project, what you’re envisioning, and what work you need us to do. It will create a map for us to know where to go next.
  • We’ll chat with you on the phone and in person. Before we start the design process (or move into the build phase if you already have a design), we’ll want to chat with you multiple times to nail down details. In most cases, we’ll schedule both a discovery call and a site visit/pricing consultation before sketching out any formal building agreement.
Build from own plans process

More Value From North Auckland Builders


Remember, our North Auckland builders are here to help you turn your small home vision into something real and concrete. Here are a few things you can do to make sure everyone is on the same page:

  • Know your wants and needs. During the design phase, our architects are going to ask you a lot about your wants and needs. The more you can tell us about space requirements, preferences for interior finishes and other details (big or small), the closer we are to matching your vision.
  • Ask many questions. Most of our customers have never built homes from the ground up before. We know that going through this process can bring forth many questions, from costs to materials to timelines. Never hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
  • Consider your budget. It’s easy to control your home budget when you are shopping for pre-existing homes. When searching for houses online, you can filter out everything that falls out of your price range. It can, however, be more difficult when you are dealing with a new build — especially if you have a long list of wants and needs. Know your budget and tell our designers and builders in North Auckland at the outset of your project. That way, we can plan accordingly.
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About Goldline Construction

Goldline Construction has been a builder in North Auckland since 1998. Under the management of new owners as of January 2019, the company is as committed as ever to deliver homes that match the visions of our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

Guarantee for Peace of Mind

10-Year Guarantee

We belong to the Registered Master Builders Association and as standard we include the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee which comes with:

  • 10-Year Structural Guarantee
  • Protection against loss of deposit
  • Protection against non-finished works

Design & Build from concept to completion done in 30 weeks or we'll give you $5,000 cash - T&C's Apply*

* Terms & Conditions – 30 weeks Design & Build package based on 200m2 house or less and excludes Resource Consent stage if this is a requirement. Clock stops if owners take longer than 3 weeks to confirm scope and make decisions in the design phase. Applies to Full Contract builds in Auckland area only. Clock starts once Preliminary Building Agreement is signed and runs through Concept stage, Full Working Drawings stage, Building Consent Application stage, Full Construction stage, and finishes on issue of Code Compliance Certificate or Move-in date whichever is the earlier. Clock stops with any hold-ups due to the owner or land related issues. 30 weeks is based on a week being 5 working days and excludes public holidays. 30 weeks excludes time from 24th December through to 15th January. If owner supplies any part/s of the project then they must stick to our schedule or job becomes ineligible.

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